Cursos de inglés en el extranjero

Intensive Courses and Programmes

We are convinced that learning English is essential for people´s own personal development, as well as helpful when travelling and discovering new cultures, and for broadening one’s horizons. Therefore, we offer a wide range of intensive English courses and programmes abroad that will allow you to achieve your goals in learning the language in a more comprehensive, functional, communicative and effective manner.

IN-TUITION is the official representative of International House Dublin in order to guarantee a supply of courses abroad at the highest standard!

International House Dublin is a member of International House World Organisation, founded in 1953 and offers a variety of courses for all ages and levels.

Cursos de inglés en el extranjero

We know that all aspects of an educational programme abroad are important, so IN-TUITION offers fast, effective and fun learning in a favourable environment with the guarantee of International House.

If you prefer to study in the UK, IN-TUITION also has a special partnership with Inverness Language Centre, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands!

Inverness is presented as an ideal option for those who prefer a more secluded place in which to enjoy and live a once in a lifetime experience, that goes beyond language learning.

IN-TUITION recommends this option primarily for adult students who want to combine an intensive English learning experience with working at any establishment in the area.

Cursos de inglés en el extranjero

General English courses for adults

Dublin (Ireland)

From 1.110 €

Junior summer programme

Dublin / Cork (Ireland)

From 1.350 €

Intensive English programme f/adults

Inverness (UK)

From 810 £

Family programme parents and children

Dublin (Ireland)

From 1.350 €

Young Adult summer programme

Dublin (Ireland)

From 1.545 €

Other courses and programmes

multiple destinations

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